Whatever else might be known about me, the most important thing is that I’m a follower of Jesus. That loyalty leads to some interesting and surprising places. These days I give most of my time to mentoring Christian leaders, consulting with a wide variety of Christian organisations, and training people in subjects related to discipleship, mission and ministry. I do that under the banner of my little business, Anamcara Consulting. Anamcara is an ancient Celtic word meaning ‘soul friend’. For 30 years I led local churches in Australia and the UK and taught in several ministry training colleges around the world in those years. Even while working full-time as a Senior Pastor I’ve always had a yearning to get behind the mission of the wider church and especially to build strength and resilience in Christian leaders. Lately I’ve been working with others to draw together Christian mentors around Australia into a peer learning community called the Mentoring Network. This passion for mentoring really started in the 1990s when I did a Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Theological Seminary where my major work was action research in mentoring Christian leaders. That work formed the basis of my first book, Mentoring Matters. Heather and I are based in Sydney, Australia. We have three adult sons, two of whom still live with us. I travel regularly for mentoring, consulting, speaking and training engagements.


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