Last time I posted here, it seems that most people who signed up for Rick’s Rave ages ago did not get an email alert that there was a new ‘Rave’. I have no idea why that shoud be. Anyhow, let’s see if it’s working. If you get an alert about this post, can you shoot me a quick ‘hi’ to let me know we’re still in touch. Hey, have a great day!



15 thoughts on “#48.5

  1. Hi Rick <br/>Yes I got this email alert and now i shall read your post! <br/>Merryn <br/> <br/>Sent from my Kindle Fire using TouchDown

  2. Hi again Rick, I’d be happy to be a prayer supporter! Also interested in your discipleship ingredient diagram. Just read an excellent book related to the truth about our identity and highly recommend it: The Deeper Journey- The Spirituality of Discovering Your True Self- by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.. Mulholland discusses Colossians 3 and other scriptures as he explains the reality of our God-referenced identity as opposed to our self-referenced one. I’m excited for you to be walking the Camino- would like to do it myself one day! Blessings, Jenny

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